Le Café de la Débrouille -

Our history

On June 18th 1992 the Café de la Débrouille was born thanks to the initiative of a few citizens. To this day this non-profit organization continues, in part, to act as a food bank for residents of Rigaud, Pointe-Fortune and Très-Saint-Rédempteur. Every week we answer to the basic food needs of the most indigent. After relocating to better serve our beneficiaries, the first years of our operations were held in the basement of our church presbytery. Then, August 2007 saw us hire our first part-time paid employee. In October 2008, 16 years after our modest beginnings, Rigaud offered us, free of charge, a new locale situated at 23 Saint-Jean Baptiste Street East which we presently continue to occupy. The management of the Café de la Débrouille is assumed, in most part, by volunteers. 

Starting September 2008, a community kitchen was formed. These kitchens presently take place at 24 de Lourdes in a room of the l’Épervière elementary school. The Café de la Débrouille is now more than 20 years old and our first and foremost objective remains to continue innovating while creating new initiatives in order to pursue our mission of answering to the basic needs of the citizens of our community.

One of our main objectives is to answer to individuals and families from Rigaud, Pointe-Fortune and Très-Saint-Rédempteur who are temporarily, sporadically or permanently in need of food in a qualitative and quantitative way. We are most preoccupied by individuals and families for whom more than 30% of their income is spent on lodging or whose personal situation is characterized by failing health, unemployment, lack of transportation, family issues, etc.

The fundamental values that guide us are:
- respect of an individual’s dignity and worth
- equity for all
- understanding
- collaboration
- respect of ethics

By contacting us, individuals and families can find and answer not only to their food needs but can also obtain help for other aspects of their personal lives. For more detailed information on our different services please visit our website. Welcome to one and all! 

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